The Olympics — drive to be one’s best.

I have been watching the Olympic games coverage in my country, and have both cheered and cried over what I’ve seen.  Too old to ever think about that level of activity, the commitment by all the athletes is evident.  Just to get to the games, an achievement of great measure.  To see medalists moved to tears by their own achievement touched my heart.  I felt sorry for those who appeared crushed by where they placed.  I have that kind of empathy.

Each one of us has the capacity to commit ourselves to something we deem important.  For some it is athletic excellence, for others friendship, others push themselves with a drive for great financial success. For the musician – music, the artist – a painting, sculpture or photograph.  The chef strives to create wonderment for the human palette.  The gardener strives for beauty in landscapes.  Those who take pride in their work will find success.

It is important to look within to discover what makes one tick — what drives us to do what we can be proud to say is the product of our work, our striving.  Sometimes I think people have lost sight of being the best version of themselves, which is the best gift one can give oneself.  It is more than okay to be good to oneself.  One must first love oneself before giving love to another in full measure.  Find work that is honest work, good work, work that challenges you to be the best version of who you are right now.  This will fill you with purpose that you yourself own.  Determine your own path, and live without regret.

To what are you willing to commit yourself?  What will you undertake with a sense of importance?  Will you begin today?  Don’t just show up, show up with a can-do attitude, a drive to be the best you can be every day.  What a gift — you have the opportunity to give yourself and the world all at the same time, just like the Olympian athletes.


Time and Attention

It is amazing how time is the same for everyone, but for the young, it never passes fast enough.  When waiting for someone or something to happen, time creeps by.  The young can’t wait to be there, “are we there yet?”   Or to be 10 or 16, 18 or  21 years of age.

For me, 60 something,  this week has been a mere blip.  It is already Thursday, and where have the days gone?  Laundry from being on holiday in Mexico. Working the day away in the gardens. Lunch with friends, and shopping.  Exercise class.  Wednesday all but vanished from memory.  This is what it is like to be retired.  Days blend.  Computers can suck time away from the young and older folks alike.  I’ve spent my day reading and answering email, rather than doing much else.  Oh, I have organized a ribbon drawer and fabric scrap drawer. Not something to brag about.  And I am still in a robe, and it’s 3p and I have not gotten dressed.  Stay this way long enough and I’ll be ready for bed!

We seem to connect with social media, but observation informs me that we have become more dis-connected, folks with their noses in their phones while sitting across from another human being with their nose in their phone, nary a word spoken between the two.  Sad is what this is.  It is no wonder that users of social media hide — and some are bullies and cause others pain; while some empathize with others, yet the contact is sterile.  Hugs need to be given in person to be truly felt.  Love can cross miles in sentiment but will never take the place of in person expression.  Face to face conversations connect us the best. As humans, we crave contact and acceptance.  We all want to feel love.  Social media contact is an illusion and will never fill the need past information exchange.

Please, take a moment or better, take a few hours and converse with a person face to face without looking at your phone. You can Skype or Face Time if distance is an obstacle. Before you know it, time will pass, and that person you put on hold may not be available.   I made time for my mom and dad.  Still miss them.  They have been gone a decade.  I can still remember all the laughter, hugs and love we shared.

What memories will you have when your friends or parents are gone?  Or will you have been too busy with your attention focused on your phone or computer?  Please give this some thought. ( I need to heed my own advice, as I spend too much time on my computer — as my husband reminds me. )

What will you do with your time?


Communication & Anti-Bullying

Hi to All who visit my blog.

I have been away taking care of broken ribs from a fall. Have finally healed. I am reminded of how frail our life really is and how determined humans are to cope with problems and to overcome them.

Relationships have highs and lows, in part because as individuals, we each have ideas about what is important to us, and this may not be a shared importance. It is just this that makes each of us unique, with a special view on the world at hand. It is just this time, that emotions can rise to interfere with reason and people have a difficult time sharing and hearing that unique view so laden. You are only sharing who you are!

Having shared, some will endure, others back away. Each person will look inward, and some will self judge, and others will heave a sigh of relief that they dared to share what is upon their heart.

It is communication that reveals what is going on within our private thoughts. Some people close up and perceive a safety that is illusion. I’d rather have the openness that gives breath to growth and learning about self, this sharing with another . . . real sharing from deep within. It is not always easy to say or to hear. I’d rather speak up and feel alive, than to shrink away, as if a ghost of a person.

Please stop the madness. Stop judging others, stop the harassment and name calling in person or behind one’s back, or via social media. Insecure are we all at some point. Don’t act cowardly hiding behind a keyboard. You could be that target you hurt with your words. Stop this insanity of bullying.

It is only by God’s grace that we live. We are all fallible. We are called to be compassionate. Have empathy. Share kindnesses. You have the power to heal the most broken heart. Please do this today. You have the power, please change your world.

Love to you,


It has been a long time

About 8 months ago I prayed for direction, as I had spent so much time gardening and sewing, and my artwork had not been selling in the past year. I had begun to doubt myself.
Then the email came, the Sugar Creek Art Center wanted me to be their featured artist for two months and I sold a painting, I participated in the Reflected Light Art Exhibition, and in September I put up over 40 paintings at the Hendricks County 4H Conference Center. Then, I had a bit of a mishap and broke 2 ribs. One is being stubborn and has re-broken a few times.  I was in so much pain, nothing was accomplished but rest.  But I found myself thankful to have the rest, I read art books, took online art classes.  And I looked at my work with new eyes.  It has taken me 10 weeks, and still have healing to go.  But I have been painting, a little at a time but getting things done.  I have been the turtle, slow and steady, rather than the whirlwind hare.

Still having sore ribs, I took part in November’s First Friday Art Event at the Elbow Room, downtown Indy. Pared down my display, and my husband helped carry it in and out at the end of the night.  It is wonderful to have his support.  I sold a framed print.

In December, I hang artwork at the Danville Library.  Will take care of my ribs while I hang the work.  Will have to limit the weight.

So what does this have for you?   Ask and you will be answered,  slow and steady effort pays off, and find ways to be thankful during times of adversity.  With Thanksgiving approaching for so many, take time to be thankful for what you have.  Keep thinking of what you want, health, happiness, hope, and you will attract those things.  May you be blessed during the last days of this year and the years to come.


This is the painting I needed to re work.  I am very happy with it now.  Enjoy!  :  )


BrendaCRsedona 10w web ready


It is interesting if one stops and thinks about all the judgements we make in an hour, let alone in a day or year. I should have ……fill in the blank. You should have ……fill in the blank. . . . That’s dumb. . . .  That’s smart. . . .  I will act sad so I can have another’s attention.

We learn to do this from when we were little. Our self talk can be crazy with judgements. Being aware of this is a move toward freedom.  How about this…..get out of the ‘box’ called judgement of ourselves and others, and even virtues are boxes if you give it some thought.  Instead of doing, take time to just Be.   Be love, Be compassion, Be the light in a dark world. In other words — do what we are here to do, bring the love of God, the compassion of God and the light of God to where you are now. Be who you Really Are.

If you were the only person on this earth how would you be?  Judgement-less! You would not have learned to be judgmental.  Judgements are illusions we buy into.  Look at it. Let it go.  Feel your joy in your heart chakra.  Your heart is where your joy resides.  Go within and find it.

From my joyous heart to yours.

A New Year is What You Make Of It

All New Years have an expectancy vibe within.  Realizing that we each make our life what  it is may be a very important realization for you.  Many will be asked about their New Year’s Resolution.  Yes, resolve, decide, act upon, achieve — to do what?  I think about keeping my home clean and orderly, running smoothly — it is a business of course,  or creating works of art, or sewing and think ahead about the spring flowers and gardening.

But since resolutions are personal,  how about loving yourself just the way you are, and if you really love yourself, relationships become more cherished, and maybe the extra weight from holiday celebrations will fall away.    Will you love yourself enough to be kind, compassionate, helpful to yourself? Stop judging yourself,  be positive in outlook, maybe even forgive yourself.  Start with loving who you are now.  And one day you will feel the truth in  “Today is a beautiful gift of Life.  It is always now, today.”

We are wise to tend to our own self before we can be of help to others.  It is important to take care of oneself especially if we care for others, children or elderly adults.  If you love yourself and your life, you are in a place to help others find this.

May this be a time of love, compassion, tolerance, joy, health and prosperity for you.  From my heart to yours.



Anniversaries – good for reflection

Anniversaries of all types, birthdays, weddings, births, deaths, first kiss, first date, graduations, etc.; all have emotional content that is good to periodically investigate with introspection – reflection.

Warm remembrances may bring nostalgia and darker times may stir up painful times.  Traumas of all types are stored in the cells of our bodies, and can cause dis-ease.  A good way of dealing with these events is with Eye Motion Desensitization Reframing therapy which will do wonders.  Just remember when removing a stored energy pattern, it is required you visualize golden light energy in its place, or the original pattern will fill the vacuum.

Upon reflecting upon the anniversary of birth, I am thankful for all the people in my life and the gift of another day lived with love in my heart.




Happy to be back

After many days spent with attention to and intention for healing my physical body from a shoulder problem and an ankle and soft tissue foot problem, which some would say is aging, I am back!  Happily so.  One thing about all this is while some aspects were challenging — the pain in my shoulder — from over use — was the worst pain in my memory.  Blogging, typing, emailing, posting all came to a halt. Life became simpler.  So I filled my days with what I could do and was content to ‘not do’ some days.

For those of you that drive, drive, drive to do, to do and to do; it is important to find balance to all the do-ing.  Schedule time in your planner for ‘you’ time and treat it as important as the most important thing you do.  You will find an inner voice that will finally speak, which is different that your mind’s voice running amuck. It is a quiet voice, non judgmental and loving. May you find it, for when you do, you will find who you really are.

So my wish for you is time to stop do-ing and just be.  You will hear birds singing, bees buzzing, the sound of the breeze moving what it touches if you are outside.  Just Be. All we really have is the present moment.  See it, feel it, let it go.  Be in the moment.  Feel more alive! Be alive in each moment.  Be mindful.


Apology to subscribers.

I am rather new to blogging and I now know I owe an apology to anyone who signed up to subscribe to my blog. I get a message- that seemed to me that my blog site had been hacked. See New Password post. Anyway, after searching for what a subscriber can do, the next time I get an message that a new user has been added, I promise not to freak out, but will make sure the description is okay. My humble apologies.