The journey that is life, also called ‘the dash’.



Camel Jam is a painting of the camel rides available to tourists when visiting the Great Pyramids in Cairo. Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and is available for purchase thru my website.

In a way, this painting is indicative of the paths we have in life, some entering and those leaving.  What matters most is how the time is spent between birth and death, or what some call the dash.  While life can be somewhat difficult to navigate, keeping one’s heart and mind looking forward with love and kindness, without regard to what is in one’s past that could shadow everything in the present with regret or pain is possible.  Forgiveness is key.  Forgive others and also remember to forgive yourself.  Your ‘dash’ can be a lighter journey when love, kindness, compassion and tolerance, and also forgiveness is what you carry with you.  Make this year’s journey filled with light, love, and blessings.  I hope you can be this to those you meet.

When inspiration overcomes sleep

Ever wake up in the middle of the ‘night’ with creative thoughts filling your head?  Happened to me this morning — it would be a good idea to have a pad of paper and drawing tool of choice nearby.  Use these to capture those moments of inspiration before falling back to sleep and risk loosing those images or word thoughts or themes.  It is a bit more difficult to do this if you have a partner who is disagreeable to having a light pop on so you can make needed notations, like my situation, so I got up!

When I was single, I would write and draw, then fall back asleep.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my partner in life, and I work to find ways to remember what I dream without waking him.  I tell myself to “remember this in the morning” and what usually happens is the sub-conscious mind does this work while I sleep.  Upon awaking, I remember it!

Give it a try, and remember the sub-conscious mind does not comprehend negative comments.  Have you ever reminded yourself to not forget your keys?  And you forgot your keys?  Your subconscious mind heard  “forget your keys”.  It pays to be aware of what we actually say to ourselves.  We can help our artistic endeavors or hinder them depending on what we give our mind to work on.

This morning was different.  My thoughts got me up.  Sometimes creativity does not sleep!




Studio musings

Studio re-organization benefits: I spent the last few days moving my studio around. Result:  My main work table is within steps of my easel with both flooded by the precious North light artists love. I moved out a large piece of furniture which opened up the floor space enough to make my studio space to feel new. What really happened is the old stale energy in the space got a major mix up and cleansing – using incense- and the usual dust rag. Needless to say, all this has my creative juices flowing once again! So, the lesson is this: just maybe you need to move out what you don’t need and keep what you love; ponder the best use of the space and act on it! Clean robust energy is awesome!!!!!  Being more connected than ever to Spirit is motivating.

Thoughts on: art display labels — a bit of organization

Having made many more trips to the venue, where a showcase and 32 paintings and prints are on display, because I thought I had everything — but the elusive info tag for Orchid Blues went missing – I have spent more time than I had scheduled. I was sure I had printed and mounted that tag. I looked everywhere I had been but had to reprint it. Hanging a new painting, I realized another tag was missing. I have displayed my work at the Conference Center 4 other times, and I think I got things a bit crossed. Could having two weeks to get it all done may have been part of the situation. Still — I enjoy displaying work whenever I can. I meet the most amazing people, some who become collectors of my work.
So the lesson is this: if you make your own info tags for your work, lay the tag with the work before packing it up for travel, better yet, wrap the tag in the bubble wrap or whatever you use, so the tag is always with the work. I’d rather spend more time in my studio; and less stress is always a good thing!

Hello! Some thoughts about creating art

Art inspiration for me mostly occurs when I have been outside in my gardens.  I am a daylily fanatic and have over 50 hybrid varieties in our gardens.  The other source is pictures I’ve taken when traveling.  One other source of inspiration comes from just putting paint down on the canvas, making marks, seeing or sensing an idea, and developing it further.  Knowing when to stop working is important.  Knowing when to use it as an underpainting is also important.  I will be posting comments on these topics in the future.

An example of starting with just color and mark making:

One With the Wind

What do you see in this artwork?