Artwork on display

Hi! I am happy to say I will be exhibiting my artwork and framed limited edition prints at the 4H Conference Center in Danville. My work will be on display and for purchase during August and September. Mention this blog when you make a purchase and receive a discount.  Visit to put this offer into action!
Love and Blessings,

Hello! Some thoughts about creating art

Art inspiration for me mostly occurs when I have been outside in my gardens.  I am a daylily fanatic and have over 50 hybrid varieties in our gardens.  The other source is pictures I’ve taken when traveling.  One other source of inspiration comes from just putting paint down on the canvas, making marks, seeing or sensing an idea, and developing it further.  Knowing when to stop working is important.  Knowing when to use it as an underpainting is also important.  I will be posting comments on these topics in the future.

An example of starting with just color and mark making:

One With the Wind

What do you see in this artwork?