Thoughts on: art display labels — a bit of organization

Having made many more trips to the venue, where a showcase and 32 paintings and prints are on display, because I thought I had everything — but the elusive info tag for Orchid Blues went missing – I have spent more time than I had scheduled. I was sure I had printed and mounted that tag. I looked everywhere I had been but had to reprint it. Hanging a new painting, I realized another tag was missing. I have displayed my work at the Conference Center 4 other times, and I think I got things a bit crossed. Could having two weeks to get it all done may have been part of the situation. Still — I enjoy displaying work whenever I can. I meet the most amazing people, some who become collectors of my work.
So the lesson is this: if you make your own info tags for your work, lay the tag with the work before packing it up for travel, better yet, wrap the tag in the bubble wrap or whatever you use, so the tag is always with the work. I’d rather spend more time in my studio; and less stress is always a good thing!