Apology to subscribers.

I am rather new to blogging and I now know I owe an apology to anyone who signed up to subscribe to my blog. I get a message- that seemed to me that my blog site had been hacked. See New Password post. Anyway, after searching for what a subscriber can do, the next time I get an message that a new user has been added, I promise not to freak out, but will make sure the description is okay. My humble apologies.

The journey that is life, also called ‘the dash’.



Camel Jam is a painting of the camel rides available to tourists when visiting the Great Pyramids in Cairo. Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and is available for purchase thru my website.

In a way, this painting is indicative of the paths we have in life, some entering and those leaving.  What matters most is how the time is spent between birth and death, or what some call the dash.  While life can be somewhat difficult to navigate, keeping one’s heart and mind looking forward with love and kindness, without regard to what is in one’s past that could shadow everything in the present with regret or pain is possible.  Forgiveness is key.  Forgive others and also remember to forgive yourself.  Your ‘dash’ can be a lighter journey when love, kindness, compassion and tolerance, and also forgiveness is what you carry with you.  Make this year’s journey filled with light, love, and blessings.  I hope you can be this to those you meet.

Blessings to All

In the midst of all that is happening in the world, killings, kidnappings, etc., it may seem difficult at times to remember to focus on what we have been blessed with rather than to feel want. So, I wish only blessings for you! Know it is a state of the heart, to feel blessed. Always listen to your heart, it will know the truth.

I have been thinking about how ‘want’ used to fuel my motives, and I kept buying ‘stuff’ and by grace alone, I have not become a hoarder. I have organized my ‘stuff’, and it occurs to me that I have more than I need. It must be a stage that more mature folks realize; either that, or just turn away from the reality of it as if it will take care of itself. Honestly, I have been the later more than the first. This is a difficult task for me, as it takes time and resolve to break emotional ties, and then purge things that one has had for a long time and don’t use. My husband interprets that to mean 10 years or more. : )

The ads in the paper are advertising items to help you organize your stuff, and just this morning, an article in the newspaper about organization for young families. I thought “what about us older folks, without kids?” Yet, the ads reminded me of my ample belongings — helped along by my parents’ things I wanted when we were going through things — as if I was taking a part of them to be with me in their absence.
I will let you know how I am doing with getting rid of things. I will post pictures and share organization ideas. I think this will get my creative juices flowing again! And yes, I will post my artwork also.