Communication & Anti-Bullying

Hi to All who visit my blog.

I have been away taking care of broken ribs from a fall. Have finally healed. I am reminded of how frail our life really is and how determined humans are to cope with problems and to overcome them.

Relationships have highs and lows, in part because as individuals, we each have ideas about what is important to us, and this may not be a shared importance. It is just this that makes each of us unique, with a special view on the world at hand. It is just this time, that emotions can rise to interfere with reason and people have a difficult time sharing and hearing that unique view so laden. You are only sharing who you are!

Having shared, some will endure, others back away. Each person will look inward, and some will self judge, and others will heave a sigh of relief that they dared to share what is upon their heart.

It is communication that reveals what is going on within our private thoughts. Some people close up and perceive a safety that is illusion. I’d rather have the openness that gives breath to growth and learning about self, this sharing with another . . . real sharing from deep within. It is not always easy to say or to hear. I’d rather speak up and feel alive, than to shrink away, as if a ghost of a person.

Please stop the madness. Stop judging others, stop the harassment and name calling in person or behind one’s back, or via social media. Insecure are we all at some point. Don’t act cowardly hiding behind a keyboard. You could be that target you hurt with your words. Stop this insanity of bullying.

It is only by God’s grace that we live. We are all fallible. We are called to be compassionate. Have empathy. Share kindnesses. You have the power to heal the most broken heart. Please do this today. You have the power, please change your world.

Love to you,