It has been a long time

About 8 months ago I prayed for direction, as I had spent so much time gardening and sewing, and my artwork had not been selling in the past year. I had begun to doubt myself.
Then the email came, the Sugar Creek Art Center wanted me to be their featured artist for two months and I sold a painting, I participated in the Reflected Light Art Exhibition, and in September I put up over 40 paintings at the Hendricks County 4H Conference Center. Then, I had a bit of a mishap and broke 2 ribs. One is being stubborn and has re-broken a few times.  I was in so much pain, nothing was accomplished but rest.  But I found myself thankful to have the rest, I read art books, took online art classes.  And I looked at my work with new eyes.  It has taken me 10 weeks, and still have healing to go.  But I have been painting, a little at a time but getting things done.  I have been the turtle, slow and steady, rather than the whirlwind hare.

Still having sore ribs, I took part in November’s First Friday Art Event at the Elbow Room, downtown Indy. Pared down my display, and my husband helped carry it in and out at the end of the night.  It is wonderful to have his support.  I sold a framed print.

In December, I hang artwork at the Danville Library.  Will take care of my ribs while I hang the work.  Will have to limit the weight.

So what does this have for you?   Ask and you will be answered,  slow and steady effort pays off, and find ways to be thankful during times of adversity.  With Thanksgiving approaching for so many, take time to be thankful for what you have.  Keep thinking of what you want, health, happiness, hope, and you will attract those things.  May you be blessed during the last days of this year and the years to come.


This is the painting I needed to re work.  I am very happy with it now.  Enjoy!  :  )


BrendaCRsedona 10w web ready