Time and Attention

It is amazing how time is the same for everyone, but for the young, it never passes fast enough.  When waiting for someone or something to happen, time creeps by.  The young can’t wait to be there, “are we there yet?”   Or to be 10 or 16, 18 or  21 years of age.

For me, 60 something,  this week has been a mere blip.  It is already Thursday, and where have the days gone?  Laundry from being on holiday in Mexico. Working the day away in the gardens. Lunch with friends, and shopping.  Exercise class.  Wednesday all but vanished from memory.  This is what it is like to be retired.  Days blend.  Computers can suck time away from the young and older folks alike.  I’ve spent my day reading and answering email, rather than doing much else.  Oh, I have organized a ribbon drawer and fabric scrap drawer. Not something to brag about.  And I am still in a robe, and it’s 3p and I have not gotten dressed.  Stay this way long enough and I’ll be ready for bed!

We seem to connect with social media, but observation informs me that we have become more dis-connected, folks with their noses in their phones while sitting across from another human being with their nose in their phone, nary a word spoken between the two.  Sad is what this is.  It is no wonder that users of social media hide — and some are bullies and cause others pain; while some empathize with others, yet the contact is sterile.  Hugs need to be given in person to be truly felt.  Love can cross miles in sentiment but will never take the place of in person expression.  Face to face conversations connect us the best. As humans, we crave contact and acceptance.  We all want to feel love.  Social media contact is an illusion and will never fill the need past information exchange.

Please, take a moment or better, take a few hours and converse with a person face to face without looking at your phone. You can Skype or Face Time if distance is an obstacle. Before you know it, time will pass, and that person you put on hold may not be available.   I made time for my mom and dad.  Still miss them.  They have been gone a decade.  I can still remember all the laughter, hugs and love we shared.

What memories will you have when your friends or parents are gone?  Or will you have been too busy with your attention focused on your phone or computer?  Please give this some thought. ( I need to heed my own advice, as I spend too much time on my computer — as my husband reminds me. )

What will you do with your time?