The Olympics — drive to be one’s best.

I have been watching the Olympic games coverage in my country, and have both cheered and cried over what I’ve seen.  Too old to ever think about that level of activity, the commitment by all the athletes is evident.  Just to get to the games, an achievement of great measure.  To see medalists moved to tears by their own achievement touched my heart.  I felt sorry for those who appeared crushed by where they placed.  I have that kind of empathy.

Each one of us has the capacity to commit ourselves to something we deem important.  For some it is athletic excellence, for others friendship, others push themselves with a drive for great financial success. For the musician – music, the artist – a painting, sculpture or photograph.  The chef strives to create wonderment for the human palette.  The gardener strives for beauty in landscapes.  Those who take pride in their work will find success.

It is important to look within to discover what makes one tick — what drives us to do what we can be proud to say is the product of our work, our striving.  Sometimes I think people have lost sight of being the best version of themselves, which is the best gift one can give oneself.  It is more than okay to be good to oneself.  One must first love oneself before giving love to another in full measure.  Find work that is honest work, good work, work that challenges you to be the best version of who you are right now.  This will fill you with purpose that you yourself own.  Determine your own path, and live without regret.

To what are you willing to commit yourself?  What will you undertake with a sense of importance?  Will you begin today?  Don’t just show up, show up with a can-do attitude, a drive to be the best you can be every day.  What a gift — you have the opportunity to give yourself and the world all at the same time, just like the Olympian athletes.