The journey that is life, also called ‘the dash’.



Camel Jam is a painting of the camel rides available to tourists when visiting the Great Pyramids in Cairo. Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and is available for purchase thru my website.

In a way, this painting is indicative of the paths we have in life, some entering and those leaving.  What matters most is how the time is spent between birth and death, or what some call the dash.  While life can be somewhat difficult to navigate, keeping one’s heart and mind looking forward with love and kindness, without regard to what is in one’s past that could shadow everything in the present with regret or pain is possible.  Forgiveness is key.  Forgive others and also remember to forgive yourself.  Your ‘dash’ can be a lighter journey when love, kindness, compassion and tolerance, and also forgiveness is what you carry with you.  Make this year’s journey filled with light, love, and blessings.  I hope you can be this to those you meet.

Blessings to All

In the midst of all that is happening in the world, killings, kidnappings, etc., it may seem difficult at times to remember to focus on what we have been blessed with rather than to feel want. So, I wish only blessings for you! Know it is a state of the heart, to feel blessed. Always listen to your heart, it will know the truth.

I have been thinking about how ‘want’ used to fuel my motives, and I kept buying ‘stuff’ and by grace alone, I have not become a hoarder. I have organized my ‘stuff’, and it occurs to me that I have more than I need. It must be a stage that more mature folks realize; either that, or just turn away from the reality of it as if it will take care of itself. Honestly, I have been the later more than the first. This is a difficult task for me, as it takes time and resolve to break emotional ties, and then purge things that one has had for a long time and don’t use. My husband interprets that to mean 10 years or more. : )

The ads in the paper are advertising items to help you organize your stuff, and just this morning, an article in the newspaper about organization for young families. I thought “what about us older folks, without kids?” Yet, the ads reminded me of my ample belongings — helped along by my parents’ things I wanted when we were going through things — as if I was taking a part of them to be with me in their absence.
I will let you know how I am doing with getting rid of things. I will post pictures and share organization ideas. I think this will get my creative juices flowing again! And yes, I will post my artwork also.

Ever wonder why?

We always have planted the seeds of what we are experiencing in the present.  Think back to when you believed in yourself, and you were able to do so much.  Or, did you think about yourself with criticism, self doubt, or dislike your body?  Where are you now, dealing with weight issues, health issues, relationship issues?  What we think about, how we think about ourselves is really important.  We are incredibly powerful creatures with the ability to create our experiences and our place in the world.  It takes so little time to connect with another person, to smile, to treat them with care and respect.  Validate the connection with feelings of love and compassion.  One person can change their own world and the world for others.  When one is lifted up, all are lifted up.  It is the law of the universe.

Live mindfully.  Live Lovingly, Live Compassionately, Live with a Grateful Heart!

This is an amazing day! The Power of belief in action.

I had an amazing day today. The tow truck arrived just in time for me to be able to take the other car to an exercise class. I asked Spirit for this and was blessed. I went antique browsing with my neighbor, and it always amazes me what I find when we shop together! We discovered a sweet, comfortable coffee and yogurt shop. I found items I had been searching for the past two weeks, and knew they were out there, I could feel it, and anticipated finding them. Well, today was the day I got them!!! And all was within my means.

So what is the lesson in all this?  Believe. Believe in your power to create what you desire, and approach life with an expectant and appreciative heart. It is written that all is waiting to fulfill our deepest desire.  We put out thoughts and words about what we will eventually receive. The circle really does come round. What you give you will get back. It is a law of the universe. Ask yourself what you are actually asking to happen. Listen to what you are putting forth in action, speech, and thoughts.  It does matter.

So, be kind, generous as your means allow, pay it forward with love and gentleness.

Be ready to be amazed!

It is cold and the snow is still here.

Please remember our feathered friends during this time of snow covering and cold temperatures that keep most of us wishing to stay inside. Give them your crusts of bread, seed, nuts, whatever you have to help the birds when they cannot find food because of the snow. Show kindness to others, for the walk you walk you know of, the walk others walk you don’t. So don’t suppose to know what another is thinking, assumptions are an illusion we have about others. If you want to know what is happening with someone else, ask. It is that simple. Doing this can help remove drama from your life. I would suggest a book for you to read if this makes sense to you and you wish to know more. It is “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. He also has a Facebook page. Peace and Love to all.

Importance of changing passwords

Got an email that someone had added themselves as a user on my blog. To my surprise my password did not work anymore. Finally got it all cleared up, and deleted that unauthorized user. Had to reset my password about 3 times.  Hope it works tomorrow.
Guess I will have to change my password on a regular basis. Maybe you should also.
Peace to all.

My heart’s desire

As the year approaches a close and a new chance to start afresh is ever clearer, find the time to ponder your contribution to an increasingly peaceful, kinder, empathetic self.  Look deep inside and see your worth, your beauty, your astonishing knowledge of how we are all connected, and as one is raised in divine vibration, all are affected.  Take the time to meditate in prayer to find your way to help make this world a far better place than it is today.  Peace be with you, Peace be with you, Peace be with you. It is so, It is so, It is so.

First snow

The first snowfall this season had the world around me looking like a snow globe.  The air that was crisp is now cold, and I have a yearning to withdraw to a place of warmth.  The holidays are not the same since my parents passed away, and why this year seems harder than normal is a mystery.  I just may find solace in my studio.  I will post next when I have a painting to share.  Until then, put finding peace, light, and love on the top of your daily to-do list.